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We Are An International Lifestyle Brand

We are a fashion company providing outdoor casual wear to open-minded urban dwellers. We offer outfits that make you want to explore your everyday life outside with your peers. Our styles are comprised of durable materials, a comfortable fit and  a rugged look.

We Are An International Lifestyle Brand

With over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry we know one thing for sure: the only constant in life is change. There are always opportunities to improve, streamline, reduce and enhance. The job is never done. camel active embraces this journey of continuous improvement.

And yet, there are unmovable cornerstones that define who and what we are as a brand. What we stand for. Now and in the future.

Go forth and discover

We love to

explore the outdoors

We are

rugged and unpolished

We are

spontaneous and exciting

We are


We are


We are


Our Presence

The global presence of camel active spans over 50 countries, with a presence in key markets of Europe, China, and Southeast Asia

We are motivated by consumer needs. We want to win on the basis of the experience we create for consumers.

Our aim is to provide consumrs with outdoor casual wear for their everyday adventures.

Real life means real experience.
No matter if online or offline.
We are committed to an omnichannel approach.